• Michael’s Bar & Grill: A Hidden Treasure Trove of Gastronomy

    Michael’s Bar & Grill is the secret rendezvous point of jovial groups who are on a budget, yet, also love indulging in unapologetically messy, greasy and sinful bar grub while fueling their hedonistic alcohol-related desires with wild abandon. Read More
  • Mykonos on the Bay: A Piece of Greece in Sentosa Cove

    Mykonos on the Bay is a charming little Greek taverna overlooking a picturesque quay in Sentosa Cove. As a gentle breeze drifts in from the harbor, diners can kick back, relax and indulge in fantasies of feasting on Greek cuisine right along the water edge of Mykonos itself. Read More
  • The Armoury: A Craft Beer Bar with Something for Everyone

    There are not too many craft beer bars in Singapore, so when we chanced upon The Armoury, the hopheads in us were ecstatic, more so to know that its craft beers are tapped rather than bottled. Read More
  • Aryaa: A Journey of Impeccable Taste with Greek & Indian Dishes

    Documenting Alexander the Great’s adventures through a gastronomical journey, Aryaa offers a unique dining experience where history and food amalgamate to form an other-wordly concoction of sensory pleasures. Read More
  • Our Stay in Oakwood Studios Singapore

    Inconspicuously tucked away from prying eyes like a well kept secret in the heart of Orchard stands Oakwood Studios Singapore. The elegant and refined building standing tall and erect functions as a swanky serviced apartment beautifully furnished with state-of-the-art technology, a paradisiacal charm and a whimsical glamor for au courant occupants. Read More
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