How to Survive Office Politics

Office politics is known to be one of the scariest career pitfalls anyone can meet with. Stay mum and people may say you have no views of your own or that you are snobbish. Respond in a wrong way and you get blamed for being a troublemaker. How really should one handle office politics then? Here are some tips. 
Don't Participate – Listening or Contributing

Never participate in circulating rumours or gossips. Even the act of joining in the circle and listening to a gossipmonger may portray you as being on their side. How do you identify such unhealthy behaviours or activities? When someone makes sure the coast is clear or lowers his or her voice to a whisper before sharing the information, this is likely to be gossip. 

If there are enough of rational people like you who avoid gossip, there will be no such negative office culture. Even if this can't be helped, by not joining in, you avoid being an active politicker. 

Don't Pass on the Message

Likewise, if all of those listening on to the gossip do not spread or share it with others, the piece of information will stop there and then. This helps curb the unhealthy political culture. 

Be as Neutral as Possible

Even if you disagree with the information given, don't seek others to agree with you. This creates yet another opposition party which contradicts why you are reading this article – to stay out of and survive office politics! Instead, quietly find facts or evidence to support your stance and show not tell when necessary. 

Be Wary What Goes In

When the piece of gossip involves or affects you, remain calm and seek confirmation from the source; do not take secondary information for the ultimate truth and get angry or upset unnecessarily. 

Don't Do Unto Others what You Don't Want Others to Do Unto You

Even if you do not believe in retribution, give others the basic respect you would want to be accorded to you. If you do so, others would render you the same respect you give to them. Besides, good leaders and team players know how to value their teammates, whether or not they want to win at a game of office politics or not. 

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