To Moonlight or Not?

To_Moonlight_or_NotThere comes a point in life that one would consider taking on something else on top of their work. It could be a hobby, a part-time course or even a second job to supplement your income. Especially now when times are bad and pay cuts are increasingly common, moonlighting looks even more attractive, isn't it? Here are some tips and considerations to help you in your decision.

Be Clear of your Goals

What are you trying to achieve with the extra job? If it is for money, you might want to first think if you really need the money. If it is for the experience or to gain more skills and knowledge, do you really have the extra time and energy to do this? Also, is this the best time to do so?

Majoring in the Minor

The additional job may cause much stress and even a lack of sleep if it's going to take up so much of your time. What's worse, it could cause you to perform badly at your main job. In the worst case scenario, you might even lose that more important day job. If you are not the sort that can handle different tasks at once, you might want to focus on a single job and excel at it instead. The money would come rolling in when you get promoted instead.


On the other hand, working two jobs might not be that bad an idea after all. It could teach ou how to juggle more than one task at a time. Or, if you are learning a helpful skill or gaining an experience that would contribute to your day job or your future goal(s), this might be a welcome change. However, do check for legalities such as if both companies have policies that forbid employees to moonlight. In some cases, approval has to be given. Also, come companies have strict policies against working at competitors' companies.

Be Fair

Keep work matters of each company separate. More importantly, do not use the resources or information acquired at one job for the other. Unless, of course, it is beneficial to both companies. Legal issues aside, this keeps you professional and trustworthy.

Weigh the Cons

Lastly, do weigh the pros and cons. Is the new skills or extra income worth the trade for time and health? Will you be able to cope? Will you have the stamina to last for as long as needed to? I suggest writing out all pros and cons on a piece of paper before making that final decision.

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