Four Common Obstacles to your Dream Job

Four_Common_Obstacles_to_your_Dream_JobAvoid or overcome these common obstacles to get your dream job!

Trying too hard

Ironic, isn't it? Imagine putting in hours and even days of hard work only to be penalised for it. A resume filled with bright, multicolored text in varied fonts will definitely stand out but for the wrong reasons that will not clinch you an interview. In this case, less is more. Keep your resume simple and to the point. Preferably, have your work history and skills listed in a single page but do not add in school achievements such as winning the 100m sprint in Primary 4.

Being too vague

You should keep your resume simple and to the point, but do not be too general. Be specific what you are skilled at by giving examples of what you could do or projects that you have undertaken in previous jobs.

Leaving out the important

Do not leave room for the hiring managers to imagine things. Went through a series of contract positions? State that these are contractual jobs or risk having them think you are a job hopper. Worked for small companies previously? Give a brief description of your previous stints and why you decided to join them.

Word of mouth

As with selling stuff, the word of mouth is the most effective and powerful way to "sell yourself" into a prospective job. Contact your previous job employers or supervisors (someone who isn't angry you left them) and as them to be your reference contact. Let them know which position you are looking at and remind them of how suitable you are.

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