How to Stand Out

Each year, a sea of fresh graduates enter the job market. But each year, there is only so many vacancies and demand, especially in this doing-not-so-well economy right now. It is more important than ever to make sure you stand out from the crowd, so here are some tips.

A Compelling Resume

Your resume is the ticket to an interview. However, a good resume is not easy to create. It has to be concise yet bring to attention all the relevant skills and experience you have – without being longwinded. Here are some articles that would aid greatly in your creating of the ideal resume: Common Resume Mistakes, How to Declutter your Resume, Resume for Results

Use your Network

Companies often hire internal transfers and hiring managers would be more likely to employ people they or people from within their circle can attest to. This is for a good reason. It is safer to hire people who are recognised or who have someone who can vouch for. A total stranger is more likely to be problematic than not. Besides, knowing someone in the company would help you understand and get more intel than your competitor applicant.

In short, it pays to know people. Whether on your social network like LinkedIn and Facebook, or in real life, socialise and be active. These articles would be useful, be it to get started or to hone those networking skills: The Art of Networking, Networking at Your New Job, How to Mingle and Make Small Talk, The Art of Small Talk

Prepare and Practice All You Can

As the wise phrases go, "fail to prepare and prepare to fail" and "practice makes perfect", learning about the company and job you dream of getting into and then preparing and gaining all relevant skills as well as experience for it would aid greatly in your success – for your suitability cannot be denied when given a chance to interview. Check out these articles for preparation and practice tips: Gaining Work Experience, Transferable Skills, An Interview Checklist, Notes: When Going for a Job Interview, How to Ace your Interviews and Get your Dream Job, Sourcing for Jobs in Singapore
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