Gaining Experience

Experience is often what differentiates one from the rest of the bunch of fresh graduates, unless for certain industries where grades matter significantly of course. How does one gain such valuable add on's to their resume? Here are some ways.


Internships are a great way to gain work experience while getting paid. When done well, they could lead to permanent employment too – a natural and smooth progression should you like the job. If not, you have learnt something invaluable, whether it is what you would like included or excluded in your ideal job or future career path. InternSG is one website that helps link students and fresh graduates alike to internships in Singapore and abroad.

Job Shadowing

Learn about the specific job while gaining experience about the occupation itself for a short period of time by shadowing a senior in the field. For example, it could be a formal request to a potential employer, usually from a SME, or simply asking a friend who is working in the industry if you could observe him for a day. However, such opportunities may be rare as employers may not want to spend the time showing applicants to the job or willing employees may not be granted permission to show you about.


Volunteering for jobs and projects are one of the best ways to gain work experience, especially if you are looking at doing social work. Besides adding on to your knowledge of the field or of the particular job, as well as assessing your passion for the area of interest, this stint would provide you with some good contacts as well as look good on your resume.

Join Professional Groups

Networking, on top of working short stints or volunteering, may be done by entering related associations or even social networking groups such as LinkedIn. Such groups or clubs may have regular meetings or events which you may join in or even help organise. This is the best way to gain important contacts and build a good reputation for yourself. Who knows? Your future boss may just be the guy beside you at the club dinner? 

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