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Ever been frustrated unable to find a website or information you know exist somewhere in the world wide web only to have your friend conjuring it up in a jiffy? Here's some tips on how not to come up short on Google or simply to speed up the search. 

Exactly As It Is

Using quotation marks before and after the exact phrase you are searching for would yield exactly the result. For example, if you are looking for results for a sleeveless top, you wouldn't want general results of tops to appear as well. Use the term "sleeveless top" instead then.

In the Title

Remember seeing a certain word in the title of the webpage but just can't find it? Narrow down your search to exactly just the word in the title with the term "intitle:". This is especially helpful if you are looking for a specific product or article. For example, if you are looking at articles with Obama in the headlines, use this: "intitle: Obama".

Quick Calculations

Need a quick calculation of 123 multiplied by 321? Easy, just key in "123 x 321" in your Google search field and the results will apply instantly in the form of a calculator. Try it!

Specific Documents

If you are searching for a specific document, you will just have to specify the file type. For example, if you are looking for a excel file sheet, go: "filetype:xls. If you are looking for a PDF file, go: "filetype:PDF". And if you are looking for PowerPoint slides, go: "filetype:ppt".

Remove Redundancy

If you are searching for information on the animal penguin, you would be peeved if results of Penguin publishing house persistently appears. In this case, the hyphen would be very handy. Place a hyphen before the terms you want to exclude. In this case, you should have a "-publishing" in your search.

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