If you find yourself in a work etiquette dilemma every so often, check out, which dishes out useful advice and news on public relations, marketing, social media and the media worlds.

Though it is set up primarily for the benefit of public relations executives, the rest of us in the office can do with help from the witty features and opinion pieces updated daily on this site.

Topics range from how to send grammatically as well as politically correct emails, what not to reveal on social media (Amy Cheong should've visited this site!), how to brand yourself and many others.

The site is neatly categorised into the topics of social media, media relations, crisis, marketing, writing and editing, events, and more. For those who wouldn't want to miss the tips, especially the PR execs, you may also subscribe to the site's news feed through various channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, RSS... definitely the PR site to go to!

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