Work Resolutions Good to Have

Think about it, making work resolutions make most sense: We work most of our lives. So here's towards a happier, healthier and more efficient work life.

Set New Goals

Having a goal to work towards will not only motivate you and give you that priceless sense of satisfaction, it helps you focus and motivates you towards greater productivity. Pen down what you have been successful with for the past year and set realistic goals for the new year. Be it a promotion or simply to head that dream milestone project you always wanted to, have it down in words.

Create Workflows

Instead of slacking around and feeling bored, make full use of lull periods to create effective workflows. It could be simple things like decluttering your workplace or filing and labeling things. It frees your mind to concentrate on more important tasks.

Plan for Breaks

Burn out often happens, especially to fired up workers. We begin with much zeal and passion, we want everything perfect and put in all the extra hours… and before long, the passion sizzles up and die. Rather than let this happen, make sure you take small breaks and plan for work-life balance by indulging in healthy hobbies and sports. Some may choose to plan for their annual leave and holidays as well!

Buddy Up

It would help if you have a buddy to cheer each other on as well as keep us accountable to our goals. Just make sure you choose a positive colleague or friend rather than one that is simply seeking someone to whine and complain with.

Enhance your Environment

This is where you spend one third of most of your days! Decluttering makes things easier to find; adding a couple motivational posters of your choice would encourage you when you are feeling down.

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