You Can’t Fire Me Because I Quit First!

You Can’t Fire Me Because I Quit First!
Getting fired can be a pretty hard blow. It’s depressing and ego shattering. Not only will your self-esteem be at an all-time low, your finances will probably be at a steady decline as well. Being laid-off is terribly desponding, however, depleting funds and a bruised ego doesn’t give you an excuse to sit in a corner and sulk, you’re not the only one to ever get fired, so get up off your sorry ass and do something.
You cannot expect another new job to immediately come flying your way. Get started on looking for a new job, you have loans and bills to pay for Pete’s sake. Stop feeling so sorry for yourself, nothing’s going to happen until you get back up on your own two feet and help yourself. Get yourself out of that hole of despair and prove to that son-of-a-bitch employer who fired you that he/she has made a terrible mistake, or at least prove to yourself that you are not a spineless loser.
1. Analyze what went wrong.
Instead of constantly pushing the blame of your termination on how your boss was simply behaving like an asshole, ask yourself where you have screwed up. Once you know the mistakes you made, you can make room for improvement and ensure that the same thing does not happen again. Or maybe your boss was just an asshole and unjustly fired you, if so, screw him.
2. Go out.
Do not cope yourself up at home wallowing in desolation. You might not feel like going out but rotting away at home is not good for your mental well-being and you could slip further into depression. You can take unemployment like it is a spontaneous break from work. Make plans with a few friends or treat yourself to a trip to the Bahamas or somewhere you have always wanted to go but never found the time to.
3. Cook bacon and eat it.
This is an optional step. Bacon makes me happy and I hope it will for you too. If not, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? IT’S BACON. Whatever dude… your loss. Moving on…
4. Apply for jobs. Duh.
Send out as many job applications as you can that relate to the specific line of work you are looking for. Do not assume that once you have sent out a certain number of applications, you can sit back and wait for the calls to roll in. It is always good to ensure that a lot of companies have received your CV so that you get more job choices from the companies that call you down for interviews.
5. Contact people.
Networking is important. You may know someone who knows someone who knows someone’s sister who knows someone’s uncle who knows someone’s grandfather that can provide you with business opportunities.
Don’t beat yourself up for getting fired. It happens to the best of us, you are not alone. It may or may not be your fault, what’s of essence here is not to brood over it, but to move on and progress with your career. You get the exciting prospect of finding a job that is better than your previous. You will need to convince interviewers that regardless of what happened in the past, you are the ideal candidate for the position and will be able to diligently do the job. Try not to give off signs of desperation, after all you have experience and an acquired set of skills, focus on these instead rather than being laid off, it will help to sell yourself to employers which in turn assists you in clinching the job.

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