Move Out of Your Comfort Zone and Reach Greater Heights

comfort zone
You are confined only by the walls you build yourself” – Andrew Murphy
If you have ever felt that your goals are being subdued by the lack of achievements, then most likely it is because you are stuck in your comfort zone. You are being pulled down by the quicksand of it and your dreams will be buried deep inside it if you do not act fast. Imagine a place filled with all your familiar objects and things that make your everyday living easier. It may seem like a happy place at first where you do not have to make any efforts to get something done (usually the same thing done again and again). But in the long run you will feel imprisoned by this circle of monotony. 
Comfort zone is defined as “the settled method of working which requires little effort and yields barely acceptable results”. The emphasized part of the definition describes precisely what living in the comfort zone means. This is where you only get results that can barely suffice for you to remain in a position that you are now; but if you want to move ahead in the future, you definitely need to move out of your comfort zone. 
There is a lot of adventure and sense of fulfilment along with the potential for unprecedented achievements lying beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. There is nothing more gratifying than setting a goal and moving in the right direction to achieve those goals in life. This will provide you with the serotonin burst of achieving something in your life and improving yourself for the better. 
Whether you want to move up the professional ladder or prepare for your next big leap, it all boils down to your level of commitment. No amount of applications on job sites, references and listed skills can elevate you to a higher position if you do not give yourself the required push and change your current inertial condition. If you want a change in your life or career you have to make yourself ready first.
Success never comes easy and we all know it. If you dream about success while remaining inside your comfort zone, your dreams can never transform into reality. Doing something new is always intimidating but it is only through taking “ the road less travelled” that you can reach your goals. 
It will provide you with a learning experience
Remaining within the walls of your comfort zone will not provide you with anything new to learn. You will be caught up in the cycle of monotony and your whole life will revolve around the same things and activities. 
Learning is always based on the ability in gathering new knowledge and obtaining new insights. Open your mind to a different experience and grow personally and professionally. Success will follow.
Learning provides new skills
Learning leads to acquiring of new skills. You will be able to develop a whole set of different skills that is going to prove helpful in achieving your goals. If you remain inside your comfort zone, you can never learn new skills as the present skills would suffice for your routine work.
Get a different perspective of things and be more flexible
When you step out of your circle of monotonous activities, you will have an increased level of self-awareness. You will understand that the path you were treading on was nothing but a hamster wheel, taking you back to the same point over and over again. This will help you realize that you are able to perform things that you never thought you could. 
It will also help you to build a level of confidence for doing new things. Once you are out of that zone, you know that you are not bound by the habitual actions that once controlled your responses. Thus, you will feel that you have more flexibility to accommodate the changes in your life.
People will look to you as an inspiration
It is common for people to look for inspiration to try something new. If you are one of those pioneers who took the risk to build or achieve something which is completely different, you will be able to set an example for the rest. 
Do not let people judge you for remaining in the safety of your comfort zone and doing things only in a certain way. Be a doer and show what you are capable of and instil a new sense of respect among others for you. Get them motivated and inspired. 
This will help you to justify your leadership qualities and reach greater heights in your professional life.
Above all you will find that your comfort zone has also moved
If you go out and conquer your goals, you will find to your surprise that it is always easy to create a comfort zone. Once you have gained sufficient expertise of the new skills you will see that your comfort zone has shifted too, allowing yourself to achieve other goals easier.
Want to reach greater heights in your professional or personal life? It is time that you moved out of your shell of limited growth and go on an adventurous journey based upon self-belief. In the end you will find that the result that you got is worth the risk that you put on venturing out of your comfort zone.
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