Tips for Fresh Graduates on How to Crack the Interview in Just 5 Minutes

‘First impression is the last impression” and its significance is apparent in a job interview. Cracking an interview is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort to go through the process. But, do you know that the recruiter can build an opinion about you in just 5 minutes? It takes only 5 minutes for the interviewer to decide if you should proceed to the next round of interviews. This is known as the “halo effect”, a tendency to reconcile the judgments with the introductory observations itself. 
Most interviews succeed or fail in its initial five minutes. During the talent search process, the recruiter is involved in a number of processes such as selecting the suitable candidates, short listing the candidates, scheduling the interviews and finally, hiring the suitable candidates for the job. 
In order to crack an interview, keep these following points in mind: 
1. Dress up as per the Industry 
Your attire is what everyone will notice first about you and it speaks volumes of your personality. Try to dress up as per the industry, if it is a formal office setting, go for a professional look. And if it is a casual place, you can opt for a smart casual outfit. 
2. Be punctual & arrive on Time 
Always reach the venue 15 minutes prior to your appointment as it is the first sign of your disciplined behavior. From this, an interviewer may consider you to be a potential employee. But don’t reach so early, as this can make you look too desperate. 
3. Be Cordial with everyone you meet 
Make sure that you are polite and wild mannered with everyone you meet. It includes security personnel, receptionists, and house-keeping staff. A single fail may lead to a big no.  
4. Follow the Instructions Carefully 
Kindly follow all the instructions given by the recruiter very carefully. If you are asked to bring a resume or any other document, then be ready with all that is needed. 
5. Ask Questions During the Interview 
It is encouraged by the recruiter to clarify your doubts during the interview session. In order to get the most out of the interview, the candidate should look engaged and ask relevant questions which will show his/her interest in the organization and the job. 
6. Quote Examples 
Be ready with the answers of the questions which are generally asked by the HR. When asked, quote relevant examples of the tasks you have handled or any other particular situations. Give examples which could be beneficial for the company and will reflect your expertise in the field.  
7. Know Your Goals 
Every company would like to hire an efficient and confident employee who is clear with his/her goals. Generally, every position has its own KRA’s but it is highly appreciated by the manager if you set your own KRAs too. This shows the dedication towards the job and your chance of getting selected may increase. 
8. Be Precise and Honest 
Don’t make false commitments or falsify your experience. Recruiters are trained to easily identify any rehearsed answers. Give honest and specific answers related to your past job, work culture and qualifications. 
These tips will help you put your best foot forward in interviews and set yourself apart from other candidates. Once the interview has concluded, you can request for feedback too. During the interview, if you feel that your expectations are not meeting up with the organization, don’t show it.  
Most of the time, job search is a nerve wrecking and hectic task but these tips can let you stand out of the crowd and help you attain a position.  
Author Bio:  
Vineeta Singh has been writing on various topics for over four years. She has been creating blogs and write-ups for different websites and during her leisure time she likes to read more about photography and travelling. 

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