Sample Thank You Note

Although this is hardly a common practice in Singapore, or Asia for the matter, writing a thank you letter after a job interview is only polite and will reflect well on you. It helps to illustrate your professionalism as well as your enthusiasm for the position especially when most applicants are on the same level. It also provides you with the opportunity to furbish the interviewers with details you missed out during the interview.

Sending in a "thank you" note too late defeats the purpose of reminding the interviewer who you are. Hence, thank you letters should usually be sent within 48 hours of the interview and can be in the form of an email if need be.

Here is a sample letter - modify to your needs - to start off this good new habit.

Mr. So-and So
Department name
The ABC Company
123 Raffles Place
Singapore 123456

1 January 2009

Dear Mr. So,

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the (title of position here) position at The ABC Company with me. As from your description of the job and the company culture, I am now sure that my experience, skills as well as interest are in line with the position.

I'm particularly impressed with (positive thing you were told about the company during the interview). Incidentally, I have (similar experience you have that complements what positive things they do at the company).

In addition, I feel I can bring (key points you missed out saying during the interview) of which I know to be essential in performing the role of (title of position) well.

Once again, thank you for your time. Having met you and learnt more about the position, I'm enthused about the career opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you.

Your name

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