Emailing Basics

Job searching involves much emailing be it to prospective employers, to potential references or to acquaintances who may point you to a good job. However, many jobseekers neglect to capitalise on this tool or to avoid looking unprofessional with the right email etiquette and habits.

Here are some simple points to note in your emails.

Subject: ?

Make sure to change the subject to clearly reflect the content of the email, especially if it branches off from the original topic discussed.

Short and Sweet

An email should typically be shorter than standard hard copy letters. So instead of copying a soft copy of what you will usually send out by snail mail, edit your cover letter or any other content to be shorter and more concise.

Signing off

Sign off professionally with 'Thank you' or 'Best Regards', not a casual, personal 'God Bless' or 'xoxo'.

For Your Information (FYI)

Include your contact information such as your mobile number and website address, if relevant. Also, if you have a professional social network such as LinkedIn, include the hyperlink. A link is less detailed - and hence imposing - than attaching a resume. It also allows people to take a quick look at your background, especially useful and relevant for networking purposes. However, note that Facebook is a no-no, unless you would like personal photos of your drunkenness be revealed to your prospective employer and the like.

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