Lasting the Job Search

Job search can be long, tiring and frustrating. Not only it is unpleasant for you, your negative vibe may unconsciously be revealed during your interview. Also, responses may become too practiced or you might even get defensive. Worse, you may come across as tired and drained even before the interview. All these factors may cost you the job unknowingly.

To prevent burned out, here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Have a break

Schedule regular breaks from your job search. A yoga class after the interview, or a good meal does wonders in winding down and getting rid of negative thoughts or panic attacks over minute mistakes made after interviews. These extra activities are also great examples of how you keep yourself fit and healthy outside professional work, which is interestingly valued especially in MNCs such as Standard Chartered.

2. Buddy up

A friend in need is a friend indeed. What about two friends in need? Common needs often bring people together. This time, why not capitalise on each other's circumstances and stay motivated together. Preferably, get a buddy that is optimistic to avoid a situation where both of you wallow together in self-pity. Your buddy should be able to help you move on after failures and encourage you when you lack self-confidence.

3. Celebrate!

Keep a diary of your job search journey - the contacts you have made, old friends you have met and who's where. Also, review areas you made blunders and the times you improved on them by noting them down. And most importantly, celebrate successes like a good interview although you may not necessarily clinch the job.

Your job search can be a great learning experience and may even be fun. Your attitude and mental preparation plays a big part so do be aware.

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