Reignite the Passion for your Job

Feeling bored, restless or disillusioned at work? Even the most passionate worker will have its down days, especially after long periods of stagnancy. But before you give up too easily and start thinking of switching jobs for the novelty, first try out these five ways to get out of the rut and reignite the passion for your present job.  

1. Seek New Challenges

Move out of your comfort zone and get some mental stimulations by taking on more responsibility at work. You could initiate a new project, volunteer yourself for training, or ask to review your job performance and career path with your boss for areas to improve. Access your strengths and consider how to further hone them.

2. Set Goals

Be objective. After identifying areas of improvement, write down the top five things that you love about your job or what is professionally good for you. For example, learning a new skill or clinching a major skill successfully. Attempt to achieve at least one of these five things this weekly, if not fortnightly. On a long-term basis, aim to update your resume with an achievement.

3. Don't take your Job for Granted

Money is not everything; what are the other push factors for you taking up of this job? Recall the reasons why you took up this job and note them down. Do the reasons still exist now? If yes, you might be taking your job for granted. If not, are there ways to bring them back?

Also, start appreciating small details of your job such as an appreciative boss, great corporate culture or a well-equipped work environment.

4. Clear your Desk

Throwing things out could be extremely therapeutic and getting organised will help in refreshing your work experience. Clear everything off your desk. Put the essentials back one by one. Also, bring some decorative items like a little cactus from Ikea or a pretty Bottle Garden from Paperus.

5. Take a Break

Last but not the least, go for an adequate break. This will give you sufficient time to get recharged and ready to get back to work. Pacing out your vacations will, too, help in preventing job burnout.

Motivation to fall in love with your job again has to come within and it starts with your attitude. Begin each day with a good breakfast, a positive attitude and a smile. If all else fails, you will then have to make the decision yourself – create stimulating challenges at your current job and, if you can't, perhaps it is really time to switch careers.

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