5 Unusual Degree Courses

If you are having a hard time deciding on which degree course to take, let us help you with these 5 suggestions. Now you can take a degree course that not every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Singapore has.


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Work Resolutions Good to Have

Think about it, making work resolutions make most sense: We work most of our lives. So here's towards a happier, healthier and more efficient work life.

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Communicating Clearly

Communication is key in the workplace, be it passing on information to your colleague or superior, or to clinch that all-important deal with your client. There are many forms of communication but here we touch on how to communicate better in a face to face situation.

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If you find yourself in a work etiquette dilemma every so often, check out prdaily.com, which dishes out useful advice and news on public relations, marketing, social media and the media worlds.

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20 Ways to be a Better Worker

In addition to my work as an Education & Personal Excellence coach and speaker, I also work a full-time job as a project engineer, a fruitful experience whereby I’ve learned a lot about how things work in the corporate world.

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