To Moonlight or Not?

To_Moonlight_or_NotThere comes a point in life that one would consider taking on something else on top of their work. It could be a hobby, a part-time course or even a second job to supplement your income. Especially now when times are bad and pay cuts are increasingly common, moonlighting looks even more attractive, isn't it? Here are some tips and considerations to help you in your decision.

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How to Survive Office Politics

Office politics is known to be one of the scariest career pitfalls anyone can meet with. Stay mum and people may say you have no views of your own or that you are snobbish. Respond in a wrong way and you get blamed for being a troublemaker. How really should one handle office politics then? Here are some tips. 

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Successful Networking at your New Job

When thrown into a whole new environment of strangers, it is hard to break ice with your new colleagues. How can you make the right first impression without seeming overfriendly? At the same time, how do you maintain your distance with colleagues that do not work with you directly without appearing snobbish? Here are some tips and tricks.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid on your First Job

Congratulations! You finally land that dream job of yours! But now, the real work begins: Besides having to do well on your job, you have to make sure your work is recognised and maintain a good relationship with your colleagues. So, to help you out, here's four of the most common pitfalls to avoid on your first job.

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Hiring 101 – WHO?

You are your own boss now and business is so good that it is obvious you need the extra pair of hands. So what now? How do you go about doing this? Who should you hire? How many people would be a good number?

In part two of our hiring 101 series, here are some things to consider in deciding who and what kind of help to hire.

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