The 15-Step Guide to Nailing Any Job Interview

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It is already hard enough getting calls for interviews, so when you land an in-person job interview, you know that you'll have to impress the hiring manager and stand out from the rest who also applied for the same position if you want to clinch that job. Like what Eminem raps in Lose Yourself, “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.” There are no do-overs for job interviews, and the key to acing it is thorough preparation, but what exactly should you be prepared for?

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Master of Nothing

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The following is a conversation overheard at a coffee shop. The names have been changed to protect the conversationalists identity but here's the gist of their conversation. (Note: In case you hadn't realized by now this conversation is completely made up!)

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How NOT To Act During A Job Interview

We have read articles and heard advice from others about how you should conduct yourself during a job interview to raise your opportunities at clinching the job. But we rarely hear about how NOT to act during a job interview. We don't really know where to begin since there are so many things you should not do in an interview that an entire list would span a million pages long, so we break it down for you. Here are the four key points of what you shouldn't do in a job interview.

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Idea to Business Plan: Learn Everything about Entrepreneurship with Pamela Lim

Many people say that starting a business is extremely risky. Indeed it is. If the business does not do well and it folds, all that thousands of dollars spent invested in it will go down the drain. However, can you really achieve anything without risk? Like Mark Zuckerberg once said, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” If you have always wanted to start a business of your own but fear of failure has always been holding you back, perhaps you would like to take a leap of faith and learn about entrepreneurship from the best of the best; Pamela Lim, the first Singaporean to ever obtain a first level NASDAX-SGX listing approval.

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7 Great Questions To Ask Your Job Interviewer

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Job interviews can be nerve-wrecking and tough especially when you take into consideration how your job application was short-listed among the hundreds who applied, and you only get one chance to get this right when you are called down for the interview. The best thing to do before going for your interview is to do your homework on the company to make sure you know the basics of what they do. You should also be prepared for the questions they are going to ask; see Most Asked Job Interview Questions. Nearing the end of your interview, your interviewer will most likely ask you if you have any questions for him/her regarding the job. Now this is tricky, because to say no could mean that you can't really be bothered about finding out more about the job, but also saying yes could allow your interviewer to assume that you probably did not do your homework. So these are the top 7 questions that have been posed to interviewers that you can use to blow yours away.

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