4 Enterprising Traits You Should Have

From students to young working adults, undergrads to graduates, we are each unique and have cultivated distinctive traits from the different stages in our career and in our academic studies. While there are a huge number of traits that one could have at any one point of time, there are four that I'd like to bring to attention today that are portable through both the schooling environment and all the way to one's working life.

1. Dare to fail

Famous physicist, philosopher and author, Albert Einstein, once said: “A person who has never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Just as how we are encouraged to put our best foot forward, if we never tried, we wouldn't have any results. Some examples would be like how Germany tried scoring goals early in their recent World Cup 2010 match and they succeeded in winning major football giant, Argentina.

So, if you haven't raised your hands up in classes, your ideas, solutions and proposals wouldn't even be noticed. Or if you haven't tried to create a product that could be useful for the first few people, you wouldn't even made an impact in the area of business that you might be called upon graduation.

2. Have a bankable idea

Ideas are a dime in a dozen. One could walk out of the door early in the morning and immediately thought of something that they could work on. However, receiving ideas from wherever you are is easy; it is the process of having one that is profitable which is the hard part for an enterprising upstart.

One solution that will help one go from having thousands of ideas to getting the one or two that are bankable is to consistently practice. Start going for classes (learn from established marketplace leaders), start running small businesses on the side (eg: blogshops, home businesses with a web platform, or working freelance), and build up a wealth of experience that will empower you to discern between ideas that you can work on immediately with good results to those that you can safely discard regardless of how tempting they are.

3. Work under tremendous pressure

From deadlines to external stressors and distractions in life, all of us would have gone through and faced one form of an extreme pressure to another. How we react to it shows our level of maturity in handling the cares of both work and life. Do we fail and give up immediately? Or do we fail and find a workaround and allow you to make things better?

There are too many pressures all around for us to take each of them personally. Knowing and understanding that such pressures exist allows us to work through it and emerge stronger.

4. Be focused

Accomplished actor and world-renowned martial artist, Bruce Lee, was once quoted saying that “a warrior is an average man with laser focus”.

Acknowledging that all of us aren't born with the perfect skill sets, abilities and talents allows us to put things into perspective. Knowing that, one doesn't have to keep jump from one work to the other. Be focused; task yourself with exactly one priority. You can work either 10 degrees to the left or 10 degrees to the right while keeping things within your same core competencies. You can then see extreme focus work its way effectively to better results today.

About the Author: Daniel Richard is a blogger, author, and runs a few web businesses. You can find him on Twitter here

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