Passion Profit Secrets 2010


So we all have something we are passionate about. It could be your love of books and tomes, or the punk rock that no one else seems to understand like you can. Perhaps it’s your absolute dedication to all things in the fashion and beauty world, or your natural flair and zeal for art.

Yet instead of working on these passions, you continue to toil at jobs you do not enjoy as much – to support yourself and your passion.

If you find yourself in that position, why not consider monetizing your passion?

Instead of working at the photocopier and paper shredder all day, and zipping home to play your guitar to an empty room (and face the wrath of your Mom who’s trying to watch the latest Channel 8 drama) – find a way to make your passion your job.


Well, I’m no expert but Thad Bong sure is! And for the benefits of those wanting to quit that photocopying job and working on your passions, he has planned the Passion Profit Secrets 2010 for you.

For this special event, Thad has invited 10 Top Passionpreneur Experts to share their profit strategies with you. The line up includes:

  • Paul Evans, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Deb Ingino, 50 Most Influential Women In Business award winner
  • Carrie Wilkerson, President of the Association of Work At Home Women
  • Snowden Mcfall, past National Women In Business Advocate of the Year
  • Bob Burg, International Best Selling Co-Author of The Go-Giver

Passion Profits Secrets 2010 will be held from 2 – 6 August, and will give you an in-depth coverage of all the success practices of this gathering of the Who’s Who of the Passionpreneur scene.

And if you have not figured it out, Passionpreneur is an entrepreneur who have create a business that monetizes his or her passion.

If you want to monetize your passion, this online event is perfect for you. To obtain a free access pass, visit the Official Event Site and register your details.

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