How to Participate in a Trade Show

Trade shows are part and parcel of a company's expansion as well as a potentially good source of capturing more market share. Here are the four P's to preparing for a trade show, whether you are budding entrepreneur or an executive put in charge of organising your company's participation in trade show.

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Small is Beautiful

Big businesses usually have an edge. They have more manpower to drive campaigns, more brain juice to think up clever marketing ideas, and a larger war chest to boot. Also, they probably have implemented a search engine optimization strategy and have tons of contracts for digital banner ads.

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Passion Profit Secrets 2010


So we all have something we are passionate about. It could be your love of books and tomes, or the punk rock that no one else seems to understand like you can. Perhaps it’s your absolute dedication to all things in the fashion and beauty world, or your natural flair and zeal for art.

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4 Enterprising Traits You Should Have

From students to young working adults, undergrads to graduates, we are each unique and have cultivated distinctive traits from the different stages in our career and in our academic studies. While there are a huge number of traits that one could have at any one point of time, there are four that I'd like to bring to attention today that are portable through both the schooling environment and all the way to one's working life.

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How To Raise a Successful Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs are not born; they are made. While there are characteristics and traits that may seem to be of genetic inheritance, more often it is the environment individuals grow up in that makes them the entrepreneurs of today. How does one raise their child to have the qualities of entrepreneurial geniuses? Here are five possible ways.

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