Overcome Procrastination

Ah! Procrastination, the terrible habit of putting things off to the last minute. This is one word we all fear and most are unable to avoid and, if we are unable to overcome it, consequences include unnecessary stress, irritability and bad work performance among others. If you are like the many others who procrastinate, get down to business to eradicate procrastination with our tips below… now!

Identify what needs to be done

Start by penning down your goal and the estimated deadline. If your task is so enormous it deters you from even getting started, break it down to a series of manageable goals, each with their own deadlines; creating a checklist will help you keep your ultimate goal in sight.

Plan your timetable

As childish as it may seem, it will help for you to go further into details for each goal to be achieved and even plan down to the number of hours required to complete those tasks. This will help you focus and take the stress of thinking "there is too many things to do and I can't finish everything by the deadline" off.

Face the dreaded

There is always something on the list that you dread to do. If possible, do it first when you have the most energy and when you are at your freshest! Once you have done so, nothing else will be too difficult for you, right? After all, the toughest task has already been dealt with.

Just do it!

Rather than thinking how you are going to finish it, why not channel your energies to starting the tasks? Stop thinking and start doing!

Eliminate distractions

What are the top few distractions? Your bed? Do work where your bed is out of sight. Facebook? Paste a post-it note by the screen reminding yourself to stay away from Facebook. Or better, stay away from your laptop altogether. Put the preventive measures in place.

Reward yourself

For every task that you check off your list, allow yourself five to 10 minutes of rest and relaxation like toilet breaks, small talks with colleagues or a trip to the pantry for coffee. If you are really that busy and do not have the luxury to even rest for a bit, try doing the simpler tasks like clearing your emails or more administrative jobs.

Take accountability

Engage the help or pressure and even ridicule of friends and family. Make a bet with them. Boost that you will be able to finish this task by this weekend and they will be sure to tease (read: remind) you if you end up resuming your coach potato duty instead of working.

Adopt the right attitude

When there's a will, there's always a way. Constantly remind yourself why you need this to be done. If you are determined enough to finish this task, you can overcome procrastination for sure!

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