How to Focus

Have you ever tried studying or writing your report for hours at end without avail? Distractions from a buzzing mosquito to colleagues making small talks keep you from focusing and finishing the task on hand efficiently. So how do we focus? Here are some tips to help you gain focus.

Clear all Distractions

First and most obvious, clear all possible distractions.

Here are a list of common potential distractions and how to prevent them:
- Switch the handphone off. No, don't even allow it to vibrate!
- Avoid listening to music with lyrics or vocals.
- Close the email tab.
- Inform your family or colleagues that you have a task on hand and to stay away within a certain timeframe.

Every time you get distracted, take note what the distractions are and add them to this list the next time!

Get dressed for work

Get into the mood by dressing up for work. Even if you work from home, avoid wearing the pajamas. If you are doing desk-bound work, wear office wear. If you are doing work which involves physical activity, wear stretchable clothes – so that you are left with no excuses to postpone work further.

Anticipate Needs

Anticipate needs that may occur in the course of carrying out the task. For example, you may get thirsty or hungry, so prepare a flask of water and some light snacks on your desk. However, be sure not to drink too much lest you visit the washroom too much.

Also, make yourself sufficiently comfortable in a conducive environment. Especially in the humid weather these days, have the fan or aircon remote close by.

Get the Right Timing

Know thyself well. Are you a morning person or a late-night worker? Pick the best time for efficient work, or a time you are least likely to be affected by fatigue.

Pen your Thoughts for Later

Often in the midst of doing work, distracting questions, thoughts and worries like "mustn't forget to tell mom about this later" or "when is he going to call me" appear. When this happens, pen down these thoughts on a single piece of paper and leave them for later instead of having them nagging at you.

Make a Conscious Choice

Now, make the conscious choice of deciding to complete the task in a certain timeframe and keep to it! Adopt the "can do" attitude!

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