Dealing with "No" Men

Dealing_with_NegativityIt is depressing to hang about people who are negative; fighting their negative thoughts could be real tiring. What's worse, their comments may affect you so much you may be so discouraged you give up on your dreams. Don't let that happen. Deal with negativity with our tips here!

Do not Fight Them

Somehow a negative person would have enough reason to counter whatever positivity you come up with. Get into this endless debate with him or her? You may end up becoming discouraged instead. If you would like to help the negative folks, give constructive solutions or ask them if there's any action you could take instead.

Avoid Sensitive Topics

Certain topics and issues particularly touch the nerves for select groups. If politics pop up in your head, yes you are right. Another of such topics that come to mind would be work. Understandably, since we are stuck with it for two thirds of our time whether we like it or not. When this happens, introduce a new, non-sensitive topic such as the latest movie or new restaurants to try.

Show Lack of Interest

Do not indulge in such persons by asking questions like "why". Instead, go for responses that stop them in their tracks like "oh" or even a more or less curt "okay" for the annoying ones. For worst case scenarios, simply ignore the comments.

Plant Seeds of Positivity

The thing about negative people is that they are so focused on the bad things that they hardly see the good. Be a friend and highlight the bright side to them. Encourage them by telling them what they are good at and, if they reject this compliment, ignore it and repeat it.

Avoid Them!

When worse turns worst, avoid them altogether, especially whe you have done your part as a friend to change their attitude towards life. Time is precious and life is, as they say, short – why waste it on people who make you feel bad?

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