Avoiding Food Coma

Avoiding_Food_ComaFood coma, or what is scientifically known as post-prandial somnolence, is a feeling of fatigue you get upon completing a satisfying meal – and a condition you would not want to get into after lunch, especially if you are eyeing that promotion at the workplace or if you are at an important event such as your wedding.

How can we deal with it then? First, we will need to find out the cause for your food coma.

Food coma is often a clear sign of overeating – but this may not mean you have had too much a quantity. Instead, it could be an excess of sugar or sucrose that is causing your drowsiness. The surge in hormone insulin that is produced to counter the excess also causes your brain to produce neurochemicals that result in what we have now come to term "food coma". Fatty carbs have the same effect as well.

That said, this does not mean that if you avoid carbs or sugar, you will be relieved of food coma. When food is being digested, blood and energy usually performing other functions of the body are partially diverted to breaking down the nutrients and this makes you feel sleepy depending on your intake of food.

The clear solution, whether you are having excessive intake of sugar or carbs, would then clearly be to avoid overeating. Having a heavy meal in the morning not only aids in smooth digestion but is also good for raising your metabolism levels. Besides, if you have a big breakfast, it is less likely you will experience food coma as you would have worked it off a bit while travelling to work!

Walk off the sleepiness. Nothing beats being active when the fatigue sets in. Have a quick lunch, leaving some time to walk about. Or take a walk to the washroom for a splash of water, or head to the pantry for water refill. If you really are unable to leave your seat – for example if you have a boss who watches you like a hawk, then do a quick bend over to touch your toes every time you feel you are going to knock out. Besides providing a good excuse for a walk to the pantry, drinking water helps relieve the drowsiness too.

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