The Perfect Present

Everyone knows it is only polite to accept a gift with gratitude, but actually liking it and being thankful to the giver is another matter. In fact, some might even find gifts to be a waste of space. So, to prevent that, choose your gift wisely to maximise every dollar spent. Here are some tips!

Be Thoughtful

Give some serious thought to what you think the recipient might like or want to receive. If you know the person rather well, think of his hobbies, interests or work needs. If you do not know the person, you might want to ask around or you could also personalise gifts with their initials or names. This way, even if your lack of knowledge of the person's likes shows, there's still the thoughtfulness to fall back on.

Buy Wants, not Needs

We often give things that we want a miss. Not that we can't afford it but rather the prudent ones might find it an unnecessary indulgence. This is why gifts that are often wants and not needs are so delightful to receive. So, instead of giving that generic 64-piece plate set your newly wedded girlfriend may need, why not buy that beautiful 4-piece porcelain set she has been yearning for?

Go Handmade

Some of the most memorable gifts I have ever received are handmade. Not only were they usually lovely, they encompass the time and efforts put in by the giver. Besides, such gifts are often objects of conversation for visitors to the home. You don't have to be great at arts and craft. It could be a homecooked dish or recordings of your favourite music.

Never Recycle a Gift

A gifting taboo would be giving unwanted gifts forward. Yes, the receiver might appreciate it more. But think of the giver? How would you feel if the exotic Indian scarf you gave to a friend is found hung round the neck of another friend instead?

In His Shoes

As the saying goes, do not do unto others what you do not wish for others to do unto you. A rule of the thumb: If you would not want to receive this gift, then do not bother getting it for a friend.

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