Simple Ways to Destress

As much as we would love a holiday, no matter how quick, sometimes life just does not render us the luxury. That is not to say we will not be able to relax and recharge after work. Here are some simple ways to destress without leaving the country.

Breakfast & Coffee

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for good reason. It sets the day's pace as well as our mood. Waking up early to have a leisurely breakfast will help you get by the day on a happier note. Some may not need to have a cup of coffee but having one when you need the special boost would be handy!

Power nap

When work seems never-ending, the deadline looks impossible and you haven't had a good night's sleep for days, one tends to go into panic mood. Not only will we be less efficient, we will dread the work. At this time, take a snooze for 20-30 minutes and you will be surprised how refreshing this power nap would be and how much it would help in destressing.

Music Muse

Music always helps sets the mood for relaxation. So chill out with your favorite tunes or your favorite artist's new album during lunch or just before you turn in. On weekend evenings, there are also free concerts with The Esplanade On the Waterfront programme.

Take Leave

Your days off need not be used for the long vacation trip off to KL or Bangkok. It could be also taken for a idyllic day out shopping without the crowds or simply to do your housework at at relaxed pace.

Visit the Salon

Or you could go for a rejuvenating head cut, if not hair trim. Choose salons with good dead and neck massages services for added enjoyment!

Visit a Park

Besides the new Gardens by the Bay, there are also many other scenic parks in Singapore one could take a nice stroll through or cycle and enjoy the gentle breeze. Check out places like Kent Ridge Park, Changi Boardwalk and Kallang Riverside Walk for example. You may also want to see the beautiful sunrise or sunset...

Go Tech-free

Switch your mobile off, leave your iPad at home, get away from the TV… Leave all the disruptive technology around and immerse in life again. Hit a cafe and finish a book, chill out with a friend over coffee or whip up a good dinner for the night.

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