A Resolute 2013

A new year is exciting for it represents a clean slate and brings about hopes of fulfilling our dreams whatever they may be. But as young adults and graduates with commitments and responsibilities galore, we struggle with undesirable habits and work to blame for our procrastination which leads to a postponement of the same new year resolutions to the next year. Our advice? Choose quality over quantity, streamline those lofty goals into specific goals and read on for more!

Quality over Quantity

The reason why most of us fail in achieving last year's new year resolutions is because there's just too many of them to focus and work on. Throw in work and other commitments and none of it gets done at all. So, reflect and select! What worked last year? What held you back? Note these down and be aware of them. Then clear out goals that have become meaningless to you over time. Instead of going for all 10 dreams you have, zoom down to a maximum of three and you will be more likely to succeed focused.

The Plan

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. This saying is overused but not outdated for sure. As with all important things, have a timeline with specific goals plotted out planned. Go into details including actions to be taken and distractions to be overcome.

Resolutions versus Do Not's

Resolutions are achievable goals, not things not to do. Remove the "do not's" from those precious three spots reserved for resolutions and put them down under bad habits. If they coincide with your actual resolution, great!


Be it quarterly hits of milestones towards achieving the actual resolution or finishing the race ahead of time, celebrate! Include in your plan rewards as motivations as well as to serve as checkpoints and reminders.

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