How to Fake Interest

Well, sometimes if you really can't conjure up the interest and it is just plain rude or detrimental to your career to scoot, you will just have to fake it. Here are some ways to feign interest convincingly.

Maintain Eye Contact

It's too obvious if you can't even keep your eyes on the speaker! Keep your eyes on him or her, and nod once in a while to show that you are getting what is being transmitted. If it is tough to keep looking at the person, one trick would be to look in between his eyes or simply his nose.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

If your friend is laughing, smile along. The same goes along for when anger or frustration, people want to be empathized with. Agreeing sounds like "ahh" and "yes" help too. Besides, the lack of expression betrays your lack of attention.

Ask Questions

Seems impossible right? Open up your ears once in a while – take the cue when laughter's in the picture – and spend a few seconds looking out for questions to ask. You will be surprised how much people appreciate it that they are paying enough attention to be able to ask questions – even if you only heard 10% of the conversation.

Scoot When You Can

You can't fake it for long before you start looking at your watch unconsciously or spacing out totally. If you have a cup in your hand, you could pretend you need a refill if it is a casual conversation. Otherwise, there's always the nature's call to break the conversation's momentum.

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