Insurance Assurance: Why You Should Get Insurance

So I'm writing this while being bed ridden at home. I'm currently immobilized and unable to move around without the aid of crutches, which I've come to learn can to be murder on your wrists. 
Why are crutches murder on your wrists? Because you're concentrating your body weight on your wrists as you're using the crutches to support and propel yourself forward. It's not a good thing to be doing if you're also nursing a wrist injury like I am. So here I am, lying in bed trying to heal instead of aggravating my current injuries.
So what happened? Well back on Tuesday I had the misfortune of missing my step while walking on a gas station curb. 
And I fell.
Boy, did I fall. 
I missed my step and fell onto the road. The next thing I was conscious of was me clutching my right ankle. It felt as though it had been repeatedly stabbed with flaming hot knives. All this happened as I writhed on the entrance road of the Caltex gas station. 
"The pain is incredible." I thought as tears were welling up in my eyes.
Despite all this unfolding in a very public setting, no one present at the gas station came forward to offer their hand to help to me. People just stood there gawking at me as though I was a leaper. The best part: a car pulled up into the gas station and honked at me being daring to be in its way.
Eventually I managed to bite back the pain and pull myself up to limp home. I did the responsible thing when I arrived at home and administered some first aid by applying some ice to the affected area while keeping my foot elevated. I went to bed that night hoping that I'd be able to walk in the morning.
The morning however, served to educate me on the severity of my injury. I couldn't walk or even limp when I woke up in the morning. Fresh flaming knives shot through my right leg into my brain the minute I tried to get out of bed. 
I couldn't even limp to go to the bathroom. My ankle had ballooned overnight. It literally looked like a grotesque tumour on my right foot. I lay back down in bed wondering what I was going to do. 
You see as a freelance writer and photographer, I depend on my ability to get around to be able to work. This incapacitating injury was making me wonder how much income I was going to lose for being bed ridden. I called my insurance agent and was told to go to the hospital. More importantly, I was told that my policy would cover the treatment costs and pay out a stipend for the duration that I was on MC. 
Boy was I glad I bit the bullet and bought insurance last year! It gave me the peace of mind to not worry about how much my hospital bill was going to cost. The insurance also gave me the peace of mind to concentrate on getting well despite some inconsiderate bosses talking to me as though I had hurt myself on purpose. 
My very nice friend came over to my home and took me to the hospital that morning. I was x rayed and attended to by some very patient nurses and doctors at the hospital that morning. All and all the entire healthcare experience was a pleasant one, made more obvious thanks to the peace of mind my insurance policy had afforded me.
I guess the moral of the story here is that it is up to you to take care of yourself during these uncertain times. You owe it to yourself to get some form of insurance coverage. Believe me you'll be glad for it should (knock on wood) something happen to you and you end up being unable to work. So do yourself a favor: bite the bullet today and call up an insurance company. Ask them for options on health and accident coverage and the various payment schemes. You'll be glad for that piece of mind when the time comes because who knows what tomorrow can bring to bear on all of us. 

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