Learn How to Pick a Lock with This Simple Tutorial

If you ever find yourself locked out of your apartment, basic lock-picking skills will come in handy, but it’s not as simple as jamming a pin into a hole and blindly shoving it around like in movies. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to pick a basic lock. With great power comes great responsibility, so we hope you will use it for good and not evil.
Lock-picking in reality is a complicated process that involves assessing the interior structure of the lock and going through trial-and-error till you finally get it right. In the video embedded below, YouTuber HelpfulLockPicker demonstrates his lockpicking skills with a clear acrylic lock to show you in full transparent detail just how to manipulate the interior of a lock until it springs open.
We would like to reiterate that we do not endorse breaking and entering with these skills. There is already much evil in this world; innocent lives being tragically taken by acts of terrorism, serial killers with psychotic motives, animal abusers who slowly torment poor animals for fun, sexual predators forcing themselves upon others and traumatizing them for life and all the other unspeakable atrocities being carried out. The world does not need another fiend to corrupt it. Instead, you may put these skills to good use, perhaps in helping a friend locked out of his apartment.
Moving on to the actual lockpicking viceo, this is how it goes down:
1. The clear lock shows six metal driver pins within, each held down by a coiled spring.
2. The springs push the pins down into the metal tube, physically obstructing the lock from turning.
3. Below these pins are key pins of varying lengths.
4. When you sslot your ey into the lock, the combination of the jagged teeth of the key and those key pins push up on the driver pins, pushing them out of the metal plug and allowing you to turn the key and open the lock.
5. If you rotate the metal tube surrounding the keyhole using a tension wrench, it makes it easier to open the locking using just a hook.
6. Test out how springy each driver pin, click open the one with the most tension which results in springing the lock open.
The video also goes on to show several other techniques that seem a little less intensive. He demonstrates “zipping,” a maneuver that works kind of like ripping off a Band-Aid. You turn the lock with the tension wrench, stick the hook all the way in, and pull it out quickly while pushing up, knocking out all the driver pins in the process. Then there’s “rocking,” which involves an “L Rake” pick that kind of looks like a key in itself. If you rock the pick back and forth while the wrench keeps the lock turned, eventually it should pop open. Or you could use a Bogota rake, another tool, and just pull it back and forth through the plug until it releases.
Lock-picking is harder than it looks on video so if you have some free time to spare in learning a new craft, you may want to dedicate an entire day just sitting at your table and practicing with a simple lock. 
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