Fight Fatigue at Work

Be it the aftereffects of a weekend's worth of late night clubbing or that your sleep was disrupted, we all have days when we feel tired. The lack of sleep or simply tiredness is blamed for up to 20 per cent of road accidents as well as to low efficiency at school among other ills such as depression and obesity. It might even cost you that promotion or even your job.

Here are some tips how to stay sufficiently awake to perform your duties.

1. Prioritise

Avoid putting the important stuffs off until later. List them down and get them done first whilst you are at your most alert. Doing the crucial work first might just give you the adrenaline rush to kick off that possibly latent working spirit.


2. Snack Right

Avoid a full stomach at all costs; being full will make you more sleepy than you already are. Instead, munch on small snacks throughout the day. Snacks like sunflower seeds, biscuits, raisins and nuts will require you to perform some simple movement that prevents you from dozing off. Be careful not to disturb your colleagues while chewing though.

Avoid, however, sweet snacks such as candy. A sudden spike of sugar will perk you up only temporarily in an unhealthy way. Go for fruits such as apple or grapes if you feel you will not be able to finish up a whole apple.  Fruits are a great source of energy and healthy. Besides, even if the apple doesn't keep you awake, it will keep the doctor away.

3. Drink Up

Not coffee though. Drinking a glass of ice-cold water refreshes you instantly and makes sure you get up for the washroom every now and then. In the washroom, you can also splash some cold water on your face or even brush your teeth to feel even fresher.


4. Look on the bright side

Adjust your seating to as much sunlight as possible. We all have an internal clock that is somehow regulated by our environment. If it is not possible to get more sunlight in, you should get a desk light such as a lamp or even some plants to brighten up your work desk.

At the end of the day, what is most important is to solve the problem at its root(s). What are the causes of you being so tired? Some common causes are the wrong diet, the lack of exercise, caffeine addiction, unhealthy sleeping habits and patterns, alcoholism and it could even be narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder that is usually genetic. Identify it and nip it in its bud.

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