Basic Stress Relievers

Stressed out on Monday already? Every job comes with its own set of stress, be it for a CEO or a work-from-home mom. However, not neglecting certain aspects of your life and managing them well will help you in finishing the race without burning out. Here are four areas of your daily life to take note of to prevent stress and tips to beat it.

1. Rest

Sounds obvious? Well, many workers tend to put in more hours to keep up with the pace of work despite low productivity. What they do not realise is that having some rest will aid them in completing the task more efficiently and without the agony of fatigue.

Tip: Find yourself thinking of work as you attempt to do so? Put on some of your favourite music to relax and, if necessary, jot down those annoying things to do that keep piling up in your head so you need not worry about forgetting to do them.

2. Work out

Similarly, exercising is often neglected. Take a walk, go for a quick jog or join your company's lunchtime yoga or gym, and watch your stress washed away with sweat. The adrenaline rush from working out helps take your mind off work and might even offer you an important new perspective to the problem you have been stuck with for a while.

Tip: It might be tough to get the engine starting and buddying up would be an effective way to keep you at it, bonding at the same time. Get some colleagues to join you for soccer or for a dance class.

3. Drink Up!

That is, water, not alcohol. You would have heard this many times – water usually makes up 60 per cent to 80 per cent of our body and is its foundation. Hence, replenishing up on water helps flush out the toxins and refreshes you.

Tip: Drink at least eight glasses of water a day and avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and cola. Keep a big bottle of water by your desk and refill it as you pass by the water cooler to the bathroom in between breaks.  

4. Eat regularly

Never drink coffee on an empty stomach without breakfast. A hearty breakfast gives you ample energy to start the day on a good note and perhaps with a better mood too.

Tip: However, for your lunch, keep it light to avoid sleepiness after and snack on healthy food such as fruits and nuts instead.

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