Avoiding Food Coma

Avoiding_Food_ComaFood coma, or what is scientifically known as post-prandial somnolence, is a feeling of fatigue you get upon completing a satisfying meal – and a condition you would not want to get into after lunch, especially if you are eyeing that promotion at the workplace or if you are at an important event such as your wedding.

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How to Wake Up Fresh

Sounds dumb? Yes, but we all know how difficult it could be, especially if we went to bed really late last night and have to wake up early to hold on to our jobs.

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Legacy Planning

Legacy_PlanningLegacy and estate planning is a comprehensive multi-dimensional type of wealth planning that includes medical, retirement, charitable, business succession and gift planning. It is not just for the wealthy and/or high net worth individuals alone, and does not deal merely with the transfer of financial wealth. It deals with much more than that.

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Better Listen

Better_ListenListening may seem like an easy task. But really, we meet boring speakers more often than we meet interesting ones. However, we are obliged to listen on for the sake of work or just because it is only polite to do so. Regardless, listening is an invaluable communication skill we all ought to learn, if not master.

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Dealing with "No" Men

Dealing_with_NegativityIt is depressing to hang about people who are negative; fighting their negative thoughts could be real tiring. What's worse, their comments may affect you so much you may be so discouraged you give up on your dreams. Don't let that happen. Deal with negativity with our tips here!

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