Overcome Procrastination

Ah! Procrastination, the terrible habit of putting things off to the last minute. This is one word we all fear and most are unable to avoid and, if we are unable to overcome it, consequences include unnecessary stress, irritability and bad work performance among others. If you are like the many others who procrastinate, get down to business to eradicate procrastination with our tips below… now!

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5 Tips to Improve your Memory

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had photographic memory? Yes, it would be but, in reality, most of us do not have that gift. However, there are ways for us to improve our memory and here are 5 simple tips.

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How to Form a Good Habit

Bad habits are difficult to break and, likewise, good habits are hard to make. But they are definitely not impossible to adopt with determination and willpower. Here are some tips on how to make them stick.

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How to Stop Snoring

Do your friends dread sharing a room with you? Or were you told by your partner that your snoring keeps her up all night? Or perhaps it is the other way round – your partner snores so loudly you rarely have a good night's rest.

Either way, poor sleep could result in a less than optimal work performance, irritability, a worn-out (unprofessional) look, and health problems. The quality and quantity of your sleep as well as your partner's is important – especially if it is your boss who is on business trip with you – and we should all know some basic ways to stop snoring.

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A Good Night's Sleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Can't seem to stop thinking of work? Every single noise wakes you up? Or are you tossing and turning in bed? Regardless, it is important to have good night's sleep, be it to project that professional image or to reach optimal work levels. Here are some tips to help you have a better and deeper sleep.

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