The Art of Small Talk


Small talk is probably the most useful skill you could have. If being successful is all about knowing the right people, it’s good to know some conversation starters. Maybe you’re new at a company, not knowing how to start a conversation with the colleague who sits next to you, or at a business meeting with new clients, or maybe even a time filler while waiting in line at the cashier.

While Singaporeans are not always inclined to make conversations with strangers, it’s rare that someone will actually ignore you totally or shrug you off.

Here are some tips for different situations:

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Why not me?

Job searching can be both demanding and discouraging. Creating an impressive cover letter and resume, researching on the company, preparing for the interview and more often then not, handling rejections.

Does the line "We will call you" sound familiar? After a few rounds of interviews, you may receive little, if not no, feedback from the companies for why you weren't chosen. Most times, the rejection comes through via email or snail mail, or in the form of a cold unfeeling call from an unrelated party, usually the clueless receptionist.

But not giving up so easily, you work on your interview skills, delve deeper into research and prepare even harder for the interview. You make sure you have good interview skills, did more than adequate research and you fully prepare for the big day. You leave no reasons why it should still go wrong. Yet after even more rounds of interviews, some even to the final interview, you find yourself back at square one.

So, what went wrong?

Before you start feeling sorry for yourself and thinking that you are unworthy of employment, here are actually three real and valid reasons for why you weren't chosen and it is really not your fault.

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Prepare for your Job Interview

You have been selected for an interview. Now, what should you do? How should you prepare for it? Here is a simple to-do checklist before the big day.

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Resume for Results

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A simple checklist for an effective resume.

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General Interview Questions

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So you got an interview but that is not the end. The key to clinching the job lies in how well you perform during the interview. Here are 15 general questions and tips to prepare for the interview with.

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