Declutter your Desk

Our desk is often the place we get the most work done but it is also where we spend the least time clearing. As a result, many of us have disorganised tabletops. On the other hand, a well kept desk will have us wasting less time and frustration searching for stuff and does well for our mental wellness too. So here's a step-by-step guide on how to organize our work desks.

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How to Fake Interest

Well, sometimes if you really can't conjure up the interest and it is just plain rude or detrimental to your career to scoot, you will just have to fake it. Here are some ways to feign interest convincingly.

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Work Resolutions Good to Have

Think about it, making work resolutions make most sense: We work most of our lives. So here's towards a happier, healthier and more efficient work life.

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Communicating Clearly

Communication is key in the workplace, be it passing on information to your colleague or superior, or to clinch that all-important deal with your client. There are many forms of communication but here we touch on how to communicate better in a face to face situation.

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