20 Ways to be a Better Worker

In addition to my work as an Education & Personal Excellence coach and speaker, I also work a full-time job as a project engineer, a fruitful experience whereby I’ve learned a lot about how things work in the corporate world.

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Google Guide

Ever been frustrated unable to find a website or information you know exist somewhere in the world wide web only to have your friend conjuring it up in a jiffy? Here's some tips on how not to come up short on Google or simply to speed up the search. 

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Post Holiday Blues

Post_Holiday_BluesYour holiday is so good, you dread returning back to dreary old work. Your work momentum has been disrupted and it is tough to be motivated again. Here's our suggestions on how to rid of the restlessness and get back the groove again.

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Gaining Experience

Experience is often what differentiates one from the rest of the bunch of fresh graduates, unless for certain industries where grades matter significantly of course. How does one gain such valuable add on's to their resume? Here are some ways.

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Worrying Ways and How to Stop

Worrying can cause you sleepless nights, make you all jittery and unhappy, and even result in behaviours that would have people shunning you. But no matter how much you worry, your problem will not be solved. We take a look at three worrying ways and how to stop them today.

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