Bukit Brown Cemetery

Bukit Brown Cementry

Bukit Brown cemetery is one of the last remaining green corridors of the nation. It is also a national heritage site that several national pioneers call their final resting place. Part of the location has been earmarked by the government to become a highway to help ease a traffic crunch that the government forsees happening on the Lornie Road area.

The area is rife with wildlife, both plant and animal. The effects of the proposed road way could have devastating ripple effect on the Singpaorean eco system, especially considering that the cementry is a stop for many endangered bird species that migrate from up north. Please take a look at this vanishing part of our history and heritage before it's gone forever.


For those interested, the Nature Society Singapore conducts tours of the area on weekends. For those interested please refer to this link for more information.

Also there is a petition being circulated online to collect signatures in an effort to persuade the government to preserve Bukit Brown as a nature reserve. If you are interested in helping to save this piece of living history of Singapore please add your name to the petition located here.

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