Healthcare is a basic fundamental human right

Dr Ang

“In my opinion, Singaporeans are very worried about food, medical and utility prices and the effect that inflation has had on them.” said Dr Ang Yong Guan as he was speaking at the Singapore Democratic Party’s May Day rally at Hong Lim Park on May Day 2012. 

Dr Ang proceeded to point out that those worries are contributing to the higher levels of stress that the general populace is feeling and the stress is starting to manifest itself in different ways.  

“Singapore has the highest rate of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in the world. 3 in every 100 Singaporeans are afflicted with OCD. The rate for other countries is 1 or 2 in 100.” stated Dr Ang.  

He then added that the high rate of OCD is why many Singaporeans have a compulsion to hoard things and perpetually check on their work and belongings. He explained that these compulsive behaviors stem from a lack of emotional security which Singaporeans are feeling from their daily grind. Dr Ang said that people with “perfectionist” tendencies are liable to be suffering from undiagnosed OCD.

“According to the March 17th edition of the Straits Times, Singapore is now the OCD capital of the world. Thanks to this report, everyone now openly knows about the extreme levels of stress we all live with in Singapore. Stress and OCD have a very close relationship. In addition to lowering your immune system and giving you stress induced illnesses, stress also causes OCD in people.” related Dr Ang. 

Dr Ang ended his speech by saying that the only way to end the vicious cycle that Singaporeans are now trapped in is to have a good health care system that is affordable, universal and sustainable. 

“Annually we are all spending more money on our healthcare than our government. Our government only spends 4 billion dollars while we spend 8 billion on our healthcare. The government only pays 1 billion into the 3Ms: Medisave, Medishield and Medifund; less than 10 percent of the nation’s total healthcare expenditure.” Dr Ang used these facts to point out that the 3Ms that the government touts are now ineffective. 

“Many developed countries such as France, New Zeland, Korea and Taiwan, pay 2/3s of their national healthcare expenditure while their citizenry pay 1/3. Healthcare is not a commodity to be traded for. Healthcare is a basic fundamental human right that we all deserve and should demand for.”

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