Man Sues Mother for Breaking Agreement to Let Him Marry Her 8-Year-Old Daughter when She Came of Age

man sues mother
A Taiwanese man scorned from love is attempting to sue a teenage girl's mother for breaking a promise she made 11 years ago. The man who was a 32-year-old school teacher back then, fell in love with his 8-year-old student. He became so obsessed with her that he somehow managed to extricate a promise from the child's mother that he could marry her when she was of legal age. Believing the mother would keep her promise, he spent several years supporting the girl's family financially. And recently realizing that the girl who has grown up to be a very becoming lady of 19-years-old now has no plans on marrying him, he is taking the family to court.
The man believed that when the girl's mother made the promise, the girl and him were automatically engaged despite the morally-wrong, huge age gap. Over the years, the man forked out 900,000 Taiwanese dollars (approximately SGD $37,400) for the girl and her family. It is understood that he completely covered her tuition and living expenses, and took her out frequently. He also paid off the mother's outstanding debts. A couple of news articles have even provided photographs in which the girl and the Taiwanese pedophile appear to be quite close. Nine years later though, when the man checked the girl's facebook profile, he was shocked to find that she had already married someone else in 2011 and had a child with him.
man sues mother
The enraged and heartbroken man took her mother to court, and unfortunately for him (but fortunately for humanity), the case did not go like how he would have wanted it. The judge ruled that the initial verbal contract between the man and the mother was against public morals. He declared the entire arrangement void from the beginning. The written contract that was presented in court was made in 2012, after the girl's marriage, so it was rejected as substantial evidence. Moreover, the authenticity of the contract is also questionable since the mother is illiterate. The man is now trying to file for an appeal.
Many questions arise from this situation. What kind of mother promises to marry her daughter off in exchange for money? Is this considered as fraud? Also, what kind of man, and a school teacher at that, falls in love with a little child? More importantly, during the time he believed himself and the young girl to be “engaged”, was he also physically involved with her?
man sues mother
This perverse story has gone viral and many netizens are expressing extreme outrage, some cursing the man and others berating the mother for encouraging him by even agreeing to it in the first place.
“Don’t you think the mother is terrible?” one commenter wrote.
“Speaking as a woman, this guy must be a pervert! But I don’t think the mother’s right either,” wrote another.
Some people took a neutral stand on the issue: “I agree that the contract should be nullified, but they should give him the money back.” Others felt that if the man was good-looking, things might have turned out differently.
Information Source: Oddity Central

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