Xiaxue Embroiled in New Scandal with Slimming Center

Wendy Cheng, better known by her online persona as Xiaxue, one of Asia's top and most influential bloggers, is no stranger to getting caught up in scandals and controversies. You might know her from our local newspapers which love painting her in a bad light and blowing what she writes on her blog, Xiaxue.com, way out of proportion. 
People either love her or hate her, but whatever it is, everyone just keeps coming back for more, either to give their support or pile on the hate. I am neither a fan nor a hater, I do enjoy reading a couple of her blog posts now and then because they are admittedly very entertaining, though sometimes I disagree with some of the stuff she says.
Recently, she is embroiled in another scandal, to which I strongly take her side. A slimming center called Slim Couture approached Xiaxue to test out their services and she agreed to it. The slimming center had a weird approach to losing weight, they used cupping (ba guan) and scraping (gua sha). Cupping and scrapping are traditional Chinese therapies, the former helps in mobilizing blood flow and is carried out by placing suction cups over the skin, while the latter also helps in stimulating blood flow and practicers literally use an object with a smooth edge to scrap the skin. Ouch. 
To cut a long story short, Xiaxue realized that the treatment was not helping her at all, and instead of her losing weight and looking better, she was covered in red, angry bruises and scratches from the cupping and scraping which the slimming center insisted will disappear within a few days but they lasted longer than that. Furthermore, they told her that she has to eat healthy. Well duh, if anyone abstains from high calorie foods and went for healthier options, they will definitely lose weight even without some weird TCM slimming method that no one has heard about. 
Xiaxue thinks that she has a very high teshold for pain, and indeed she does. There are videos of her getting her nosejob, extracting her wisdom teeth, getting her tongue pierced, getting inked, receiving botox jabs to her face and she doesn't so much as flinch. So when she said that the treatment hurts, I reckon that it bloody hurts like the lowest level of hell. 
So after testing the treatment out and finding it a flop for her, Xiaxue turned down the paid advertorial. No transaction of money had been made yet, all she did was try out the slimming treatment, so she was under no obligations to write a glowing advertorial. She then put up an honest reiew of it on her Dayre, which an employee from Slim Couture saw and wrote to Xiaxue's manager in atrocious English threatening a lawsuit, to which Xiaxue decided to f**k being courteous and ranted about the entire experience in her blog here: Review on Slim Couture.
The fact that she turned down the money to write an advertorial for a service that she didn't believe in is very commendable indeed. She could have easily taken on the deal and typed out a glowing advertorial (albeit bogus) and call it a day. She gets paid, while her readers who are none the wiser goes for the treatment, spends thousands of dollars for it and probably end up not yielding any results. But she chose to be honest to her readers, and she got into trouble for it. But it seems that she is standing her ground and not backing down for what she believes in. You go, girl! 
Put aside your preconceived notions of her if possible and let us know on PublicOpinion.Sg if you agree with this author.

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