An Open Letter to The WP

workers party
Dear Ms. Lim,
I am a Singaporean.  I do not live in the districts that are run by yourself and your team. But I want to say that I am growing very concerned by the increased number of messes that the WP has been involved in of late.
I understand that despite your past electoral victories and success the party that you are a part of is still a small once. 
Many Singaporeans, myself included,  understand that this is the first time that the WP is running a GRC.  And most of us know that it is running a municipality's day to day operations is no easy feat. 
I am pretty sure the Aljunied residents who voted for you are aware of all this and had prepared themselves for the occasional slip ups. I have some friends who live in Aljunied GRC and they have told me they have not experienced any noticeable negative changes in the standard of service. That is commendable on your part.
But you see Ms. Lim, that does not change the fact that there is something seriously wrong within Aljunied GRC. 
Regardless of the alleged PAP spin, the news that S&CC arrears in Aljunied have hit 29.4% is a matter that all Singaporeans should be concerned with. 
Singaporeans who dutifully pay their S&CC fees on time will conclude from the published statistics that two thirds of Aljunied Residents are basically subsidizing the one third who are not or cannot pay. 
This sends a very bad message. 
Is the WP basically trying to say that the G will make up for whatever shortfall your town council will have through grants from MND? 
The problem with this question is that we do not really know what the truth really is or what you guys are thinking. 
That's because the party, including yourself, have chosen to either deflect the issue or remain completely silent on the matter. 
The unwillingness of the WP to take control your own narrative has given the anti government bloc carte blanche to claim that this is a PAP fix in progress. 
What's worse is that your silence makes you complicit in allowing shysters to continue enable your irresponsible behavior. 
The party's lack of action has let charlatans hoodwink the gullible and claim that this is all a grand conspiracy. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Ms. Lim, it's time to come clean and give Singaporeans the full and proper explanation that we expect of you. 
Staying silent is not going to help you. Silence only lets people's imaginations run wild and claim erroneous conspiracy theories that distract us from the truth. 
Even worse, your silence only ends up helping your adversaries control the public narrative and paint you as people with something to hide. 
Look, we understand that the WP is a small party that is stretched to the breaking point running the GRC. 
We understand that mistakes will be made because you are human. 
But these excuses can only go so far before you completely exhaust any good will the public had towards the WP. 
We cannot and should not, accept how you have talked about the need to strive towards the ideal of a first world parliament on one hand and then refuse to be open, transparent and responsive with public inquires on public matters such as this. 
How would anyone in their right mind even begin to consider you as an alternative to the PAP if you are not going to show us that you are better than them? 
A Kaki Bukit resident once told me that they support the WP because the WP always keep their promises. I wonder if he would be saying the same thing today as you continue to stay silent on the arrears matter.
So please Ms. Lim. Stop disappointing your supporters. Do your duty and open up the town council's books and explain to us just exactly what is going on before you bleed any more support from disillusioned moderate voters.
I look forward to hearing your reply soon.

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