BREAKING NEWS: Massive Explosion in Tianjin Just Rocked China

tianjin explosion
A massive explosion that created a giant mushroom cloud and caused people standing miles away to be knocked back by the impact just occured at 23:30 (Aug 12) in the Chinese city of Tianjin, about 90 miles southeast of Beijing. A large part of the city has reportedly been destroyed, people are fleeing the area and there is mass hysteria on the streets. The number of casualties are still unknown.
The blast was reportedly caused by a shipment of explosives at the container terminal. Rescue teams have arrived on the scene and numerous victims have been sent to the hospital. Residents in Tianjin are advised to keep their windows shut tight.
Tianjin is a major port and industrial area. Pictures and videos on social media have suggested that a large deal of people could be fatally wounded. We will be keeping up with live updates on our page, so stay tuned to find out the cause and aftermath. In the meantime, please call up your loved ones who are residing around that area to check if they are out of harm's way. Check out the videos below on the different perspectives of the enormous blast.

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