5 Things I'd Like to See as a First Time Voter in the General Elections 2015

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I am 23-years-old and this will be the first General Elections that I will be eligible to vote in. I expect that political parties would like to catch the favor of first time voters, because it is very highly probable that voters will stay loyal to the first political party they have voted for, and continue doing so in the future. First time voters can also cause a huge upset to the balance of votes and alter the way Singapore is run for the next 5 years. These are my 2-cents worth of what I would like to see as a first time voter in the GE 2015.
1. Credible and Passionate Election Candidates
I would like to be able to vote for candidates who are passionate about shaping Singapore. I want to be able to weigh my options between the different parties which have political candidates who are eloquent, smart, rational, compassionate to the plight of the everyday man, intuitive and capable of solving problems instead of just listing the problems. Many political parties have taken to introducing young candidates just so they can appeal to the younger voters. Honestly, I do not care about the age of these candidates, they could be 7-year-old child prodigies or old folks aged over 90, what matters is that they are able to validate the desires of Singaporeans and have plans to put it into motion. What I do not want is some pretty face who has no business being in politics and is only there as a poster girl/boy for the party. Please do not mock our intelligence with people like these. Just because we're young, it doesn't mean that we will automatically choose to go along with someone good-looking or around the same age as us who has nothing to offer. All of us sensible first time voters take the elections seriously and understand that we have a social responsibility to vote responsibly. It is quite degrading how some of these political parties undermine our intellect and try to win our votes with airheaded, unjustly supercilious candidates.
2. More Female Candidates who are of Ministerial Calibre
This is the 21st Century, and it has ceased being a man's world. As a first-world nation, we should adopt anti-sexist perspectives in politics. Women have every right to be elected as ministers as men do. And I am once again, not talking about young, ditsy, pretty faces. Don't get me wrong though, I do not immediately jump to the conclusion that pretty ladies have nothing to offer. They can be as drop dead gorgeous as Victoria's Secret models but they have to bring something substantial to the table for me to consider voting for them as I would for any average-looking female candidate who is equally interested in serving the people too. So far, we only have one female minister in the Cabinet, Grace Fu, and I would like to see more independent and strong women join her in nurturing our nation.
3. Candidates with Unorthodox and Brave Ideas
We need to stop being so conservative with our ideas and come up with bold, daring and out-of-the-box ones. I would like to see more candidates with unorthodox ideas brought up to the front to challenge the different issues we face as a nation. Many times we say “if it is not broke, don't fix it”, however that will stop us from progressing. We need adventurous candidates to go out on a limb and do something different to improve our system.
4. Candidates Willing to Slaughter Sacred Cows
Not literally of course. Gallant candidates who dare to stand up to address asian taboo related issues such as gay marriage can get my vote. Candidates who speak up for the minority and debate about sensitive issues that people tend to skirt around can speak volumes of their character; it may be risky for them and they may anger some people but it shows the public that they can think for themselves, they are not afraid to make change happen for the greater good, and that they are sincere in making life better for Singaporeans even if it means putting their neck on the line. It is said that the meek shall inherit the earth. But I rather think it will be the truly aware and courageous who will be the most deserving and triumphant.
5. In-Depth Rallies and Debates on TV Between Main Parties on Major Issues
The overcrowding, lack of jobs, influx of immigration/foreigners and the rising costs of living are just few of the many major issues we face in Singapore. I am not interested in the smearing of other political parties and I don't just want to hear about the issues they will tackle, I want to know HOW they will go about countering these problems and the timeline it will take for them to set these solutions into motion. We all want politicians who can walk the talk.
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Special thanks to Andrew Loh of The Online Citizen for helping out with this article.
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