Who Let The Trolls Out



The trolls have won?

Earlier this week NSP's former secretary general, Hazel Poa announced her resignation citing her party's decision to reverse an earlier decision of not contesting the MacPherson SMC ward.

Steve Chia was their fielded candidate and his sudden decision to quit stirred me to write this as a wake up call to the viciousness and detrimental effects trolling has on our nation's political process.

The picture above was taken from his Facebook update saying that the trolls have won, and quote: "It is with anguish and deep sadness that my lifelong ambition to be the people's spokesman in Parliament ends today." 


It is particularly telling when he posted the hashtags above. So, who let the trolls out? I would not like to point fingers at any particular political party, but who stands to gain the most with the NSP pulling out of MacPherson and thus avoiding a three-cornered fight? It remains to be seen if the vested parties would openly tell the trolls to stop and to reign in their over zealous supporters online activities.

This could only get worse as the campaign heats up and it is to our loss as a nation if the political process is derailed by vicious trolling to achieve these kind of political maneuvering - the voters of MacPherson has lost already before they could even vote.

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