PRC Man Sneaks into First-Class Cabin and Throws a Tantrum After He was Asked to Return Back to His Seat

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There are some ill-mannered PRCs that give other PRCs a bad name, and the former is the cause that leads to PRCs being stereotyped as a bunch of uncouth, loud-mouthed and generally unpleasant people to deal with. One recent example is last week's incident of a China man getting thrown off a flight bound for New York after he threw a tantrum when he was refused a seat upgrade.
It is reported that before take-off in Shanghai, Lu Yong asked the cabin crew for a free seat upgrade for the long trip to New York, as he noticed some unoccupied seats in first class. His request was denied, but instead of accepting that he should remain in the economy seat that he paid for, Lu Yong decided to take matters into his own hands and sneaked into first class where he claimed a seat for himself.
When Lu Yong was found out, he was asked to return to his seat in the economy section, but while grudgingly trudging back, he snatched a bottle of champagne, and it was from there there chaos unraveled.
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Lu Yong was asked to hand over the bottle of stolen champagne, but he decided that the best course of action to get what he wanted was to run around the plane shouting in a rage and chugging down the bottle of champagne. Eventually after 30 minutes of mayhem, police were called in to escort Lu Yong out from the plane. However, he seemed to have other ideas, choosing instead to lie down in the middle of the aisle and refusing to be budged.
According to a witness who was there at the scene, the police were supposedly not allowed to hand-cuff someone they deemed “mentally-ill”, however they were unable to subdue the aggressive man with their bare hands. The crew then came to the rescue with some plastic zip-ties which were locked around Lu's hand and feet.
After that, police were able to successfully drag Lu off the plane with the help of some fellow passengers. In the process, he injured three of the officers with some kicks and was immediately detained for ”disrupting public service," a charge that can result in a maximum of three years in jail. While he was being escorted off the plane, Lu was also heard shouting to police that he is an American citizen, not Chinese.
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The online community initially speculated that Lu Yong was a well-known professor at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu. It now appears that the early assessment did hold some truth to it. Lu Yong did hold a position as a guest lecturer at the university since August – which he was fired from last Tuesday – but his other gig is an assistant professor of information sciences and technology at Penn State University in Pennsylvania.
An online resume belonging to Yong Lu, also known as Eric Lu, reveals that the man has been an assistant professor on track for tenure at Penn State University since 2007. Lu received a B.A. in economics from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 1994, and later received a Doctor of Philosophy from Ohio University in 2006.
worst foreigners
Even though on video he acted out like an escaped mental patient, Lu Yong's resume is quite lengthy and impressive. It contains a long list of professional experiences, publications, grants and awards. He also enjoys a respectable 3.7 score on Rate My Professor, though he wasn't rated as "hot."
Check out the video below to see Lu Yong defiantly flailing around on the ground.
Information Source: Shanghaiist

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