Bukit Batok By Election Nomination Day Photo Essay


FreshGrads was on hand at Keming Primary school, the nomination center for the Bukit Batok by election to bring you a glimpse at what went on. Here are some highlights of what we saw.

1 Meanwhile, the media quietly makes their own preparation for the start of what will be a long day of election coverage.
1 Ms. Han Hui Hi of Return my CPF arrives at the Bukit Batok nomination center to much fanfare as the media throngs around her.
1 West Side Story: Political Web Rivals Ms. Han Hui Hui (of Return My CPF) and Mr. Jason Chua (of FAP) gamely pose for a selfie together at Keming Primary School during the Bukit Batok By Election after learning of each other's attendance.
1 Mr. Kwan Yue Keng, a former SDP veteran, is thronged by the media when he shows up at the nomination center intending to act as a backup candidate in case Dr. Chee's application is rejected. Dr. Chee's paperwork ended up being approved and Mr. Kwan had no need to stand for this by election.
1 Mr. Kwan is unable to shake the media's omnipresent gaze as he tries to catch his breath in the shade. One reporter asked if he intends to field himself as a candidate. Mr. Kwan replied by saying: "You'll find out at 12."
1 Ex NTUC Chief and former Cabinet Minister, Mr. Lim Boon Heng gives a brief statement to some members of the press."
1 A member of the public displays shows off his support for Dr. Chee."
1 PAP supporters leading a cheer in support of their party's by election candidate."
1 SDP supporters planning their own chants as their wait for the approval of Dr. Chee's candidacy."
1 PAP candidate for the Bukit Batok by election, Mr Murali Pillay, takes a minute to address media and supporters before leaving the nomination center to kick off his campaign."
1 Dr. Chee Soon Juan speaking to media and supporters as the start to his by election campaign."
1 Doting wife, Mrs. Chee quietly speaking with a reporter and supporters while waiting for her husband to finish his door stop."
1 The media wrapping up this leg of today's by election coverage."

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