76-Year-Old Grandmother Has Been Pushing Handicapped Grandson 4km to School Daily Since 4 Years Ago

grandmother pushes grandson
A Chinese grandmother and her grandson deeply believe in the importance of education so much so that the frail 76-year-old lady have been pushing her wheel-chair bound grandson through a grueling 4km trek to school everyday for the past 4 years in Guangxi Province, and is determined to do so until she is unable to walk.
9-year-old Jiang Haowen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was a toddler of 2-years-old. His parents divorced a couple of years later, with his mother remarrying several times and his father seeking work in Guilin to support the boy and pay for his treatments. So Haowen’s kind and loving grandmother, 76-year-old Shi Yuying, took him in and cared for him the best she could.
grandmother pushes grandson
grandmother pushes grandson
Haowen’s school is located 3km away from Yuying’s home. The dedicated grandmother makes eight trips daily – she has to take him to school in the morning and in the afternoon, and pick him up in the afternoon and evening. That means she will cover a total distance of 24km a day, half of that pushing a wheelchair, but she does not even utter a single word of complain.
“As long as I can push the child, we must persevere,” the devoted grandmother simply said.
Yuying also massages her grandson’s limbs, prepares all kinds of herbal medicines for him in hopes of improving his condition, and also encourages him to walk with support. Everything this doting grandmother does, she does it for her beloved grandson.
grandmother pushes grandson
grandmother pushes grandson
With the help of his steadfast grandmother, Haowen has made considerable progress. He has learned to stand upright and even manages to walk short distances with support. He still has difficulty holding a pen in his hand due to his cerebral palsy, but he is a smart and bright boy with a strong interest in math.
The family has racked up a considerable debt paying Haowen’s medical treatments and procedures, but that is of little importance to his grandmother. As long as the boy is making good progress and benefiting from a good education, she is more than happy to shoulder any hardship tossed her way.
Source: Huanqiu News

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